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Check that the domain name you want for
your website is actually available for registration.

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Can’t register the domain name you really want?

Choosing a domain name can be a little frustrating especially if the name you have set your hopes on is not available.

Not to worry...

In some cases where your desired domain name is not available, does not mean that the domain name is in actual use or unobtainable.  

Premium Domain Names

Often you may find that with the help of a domain name broker or even by contacting the domain name registrant direct, the aquisition of what may be generally an unavailable domain name can be negotiated for a fee usually  higher than normal.

.com, .org, .co,, .us....which should you choose or is appropriate?

These are know as the top level domain or TLDs. Compared to the early days of the internet there are many to choose from.

Now, whilst there are no real ‘hard and fast’ rules as to which you decide to register there are general notions amongts internet users as to which TLD is appropriate for specific type of websites. 

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